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Freelance Digital Marketer in Malappuram, Kerala.


Hello! I am jabin jaleel from Malappuram.  A freelance digital marketer in Malappuram. my educational background includes a plus two and currently pursuing a B.com degree. Further, I have received digital marketing certification from Calicut Digital Academy. My area of expertise includes email & web marketing SEM and SMM with experience and skills. I would help bring out the best in your business.


Why Digital Marketing?

As a freelance digital marketer in Malappuram, to me dealing with products and services using platforms like SEO, social media, email, and mobile apps is known as digital marketing. Any kind of advertising which makes use of advances in technology gets referred to as digital marketing. In the present, technological world, customers are used to finding a website and a profile on social media. They can be trying for reviews to find out what other people think of your company and determine whether it’s an honest place to transact business.


Content Marketing

Any type of advertising involving the use of electronic devices will be referred to as digital marketing. In our current technological world, customers are used to finding a website and a social media account. They can be trying for reviews to find out what other people say about what you do before deciding whether it’s an honest location to transact business.

Social Media Marketing

Applying social media marketing successfully will help your business develop the website traffic, development of leads, relationship with clients, and revenues. It also involves creating and sharing content on social media platforms, as well as using paid advertising to reach target audience

E-Mail Marketing​

SEM Search Engine Marketing is a technique for employing sponsored advertisements to rank on the (SERP) page. Only customers who relevantly use all those keywords when searching for your goods or services will see your advertisements. Method is used to produce results faster than SEO can.


Google advertising is also known as Google ads. It is an effective way for businesses to reach potential customers and drive traffic to their websites or app. It requires careful planning, targeting, and optimization to achieve the best result.


SEO analyst responsibility is to optimizing website to increase their visibility and ranking on engine result page (SERPs) and overall helps to increase your business online visibility, attract more organic traffic and ultimately drive more conversions and revenue


With the help of a web developer, you can increase your earnings. While designing your own website on the internet the leads will increase. This involves working with a variety of programming languages, including HTML, CSS, and Javascript, as well as various web development farme works and tools



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